Knitters and Crocheters, {and others}
     Experienced and Beginners!! 
           Come one, Come All!! 
We’re meeting Wednesdays, 1:00 - 3:00, at Miramonte Gardens Clubhouse in its library. (That’s at 1 Miramonte Drive in Moraga. Not the street with the High School, the next one over. The building with the flag in front. ) [parking is free on the street. — non-metered] Contact :Anne Lagache
New/beginner Knitters and Crocheters, please bring 
1. thick yarn (such as “bulky” or higher weight yarn [which is stated on the label as a number 5 or higher], “Super Chunky”, “chunky”, and so forth. Light Color (from neutral colors to pastels because they are easier to see).
2. A. Crochet-ers bring 6.5 mm hookOr
    B.Knitters bring a 10.5 Wood (such as bamboo or birch) Straight or Circular needles with a cable of at least 36”. 
3. Notebook
4. Pen/Pencil 
I’ll bring a few patterns to work on and will have the instructions on paper as well as re-enforced via YouTube videos to help practice during the week.
Come even if you don’t have all/any of the supplies — we’ll get you started!
And if you’re not a Beginner but are Stuck on your pattern, bring your project and ask someone else. We want to help and share and have fun!
Questions email Anne at  If lost on Wednesday, please call 925-858-5464. 
Welcome One, Welcome All!!”