“We Are and have been meeting Every Week on Wednesdays!!
This Month (October) we’re collecting all our knitted and crocheted Knockers to donate a batch. If you’re in the middle of one, don’t worry, we’ll collect what we can all this month and also in the Spring if you need even more time.
Additionally, we’re collecting our “Hats, and Scarves, and Gloves, Oh My” for our donation to Friendly Manor. 
So bring you donations, your projects and You to our meeting this coming Wednesday, October 9th. 
We’re meeting in our usual haunt in the Miramonte Gardens’ Clubhouse in the library at 1 Miramonte Drive. That’s the street that’s Not the same as the entrance to the High School. The Drive is the next street into Moraga.
Between 1 pm and 3.
For questions, email me at yenne@mac.com
Looking forward to Seeing yea there!!