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About Service Providers

Lamorinda Village offers a unique one-stop shopping approach to our members. When you call or email our office, your request will be evaluated to see whether a volunteer can help you or whether you need a professional service provider such as a plumber, landscaper, or services for home care.Volunteers, many of whom are your fellow Village members, will provide basic services such as transportation to a medical appointment or to one of our educational programs, simple home maintenance tasks like changing the batteries in your smoke detectors, or calling each day to check in with you.


For more complex tasks, the local companies and service providers we will refer have been carefully screened by Lamorinda Village. Many of them were originally recommended by our Board and Task Force members, and we will continually follow up to evaluate members’ satisfaction with the service they received. Some providers will offer discounts to Lamorinda Village members.


We are working hard to develop our network of volunteer and professional services.  We have started with the services that rated highest in our 2012 survey of Lamorinda seniors, including transportation, help with computers, handyman services, home repair and maintenance, health care assistance and safety, and professional services.